Machine Learning and Chatbot

Hiring extra human resources for increase demand of sales opportunity?

With a team of machine learning (p.h.d) and marketing experts, communications logic could be implemented in a machine, which could ensure maximise sales opportunity every second.

A. Chatbot

People increasingly turn to social media to engage with your business. A chatbot gives you the most powerful tools available to personally connect with customers, solve issues and create brand advocates.

Whether it’s an issue to resolve or a chance to surprise and delight a customer, quickly find, join and respond to the conversations that matter most.

B. Machine Learning

Unlike advanced analytics techniques that seek out causality first, machine learning techniques are designed to seek out opportunities to optimize decisions based on the predictive value of large-scale data sets. And increasingly data sets are comprised of structured and unstructured data, with the global proliferation of social networks fueling the growth of the latter type of data.

Machine learning is proving to be efficient at handling predictive tasks including defining which behaviors have the highest propensity to drive desired sales and marketing outcomes.

Businesses eager to compete and win more customers are applying machine learning to sales and marketing challenges first.

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